Dear Dr. Leone,

My new left hip is 6 weeks old and I have one word to describe my ”pain-free” experience and “restored range of motion” results under your SUPERIOR, TOP NOTCH, HIGH-TECH, EXPERIENCED, KIND, CONCERNING AND DETAILED SURGEON’S HANDS : PERFECTION.

Two years ago, I began to experience a limited range of motion in my left hip affecting my very active & athletic career and “50’s” lifestyle. I pushed myself to the max but six months ago I realized I could no longer do my morning four mile rollerblade run. I interviewed 6 orthopedic surgeons and become a novice expert on posterior and anterior hip replacement approaches. At the end, all roads led to the Leone Center and an appointment opened up as I was now walking with limp and cane.

Your office is the most professional, dignified, state of the art and calming orthopedic center. You and your excellent staff took the time to clearly listen, review and examine all my information. Your protocol of patient exercise pre- and post-surgery and virtually no heavy pain medication needed was in exact agreement with my goals for a speedy return to my fun, active & 24/7 lifestyle. I am most grateful that you were quickly able to schedule my left hip surgery.

Holy Cross Hospital was EXCELLENT PLUS. My surgery was early Monday morning and I was ready to return home Wednesday evening. I was walking independently within 10 days. I had practiced my exercises so much pre-surgery that I could continue on my own when I returned. It is true that the BEST exercises to gain maximum and speedy flexibility are the water aerobics outlined on your hand-outs which I did everyday pre-surgery and every day post-surgery after my stitches were removed. I was never an aqua athlete prior to surgery, but I must say I simply adore the water aerobics and it is now my morning routine before work!

A PERFECT new left hip from a PERFECT surgeon! Near or far, there is ONLY ONE surgeon to have a hip replacement performed – with Dr. Leone at Holy Cross.


Risa Hochbaum Miron
November 20, 2013