Dear Dr. Leone,

It is now close to 5 months since you replaced my left hip.  Every day I am so grateful for your brilliant diagnosis and surgical expertise.

I came to you for a knee replacement and you were able to figure out that the hip had to be corrected before the knee.  Over the past twenty years and numerous consultations no doctor had ever examined, considered or mentioned the hip as an issue, but YOU nailed the problem(s).  Had I gone to anyone else that I so far had visited I would have had a knee replacement, not gotten better and still needed a hip replacement and then a second knee replacement!

At this point I am back to tennis 3-4 times a week, the gym, swimming, walking and all the active lifestyle that I enjoy.  Yes, the knee is still in a frozen contracture but I am pain free and feeling great.

Susan and Tammy both were sensitive to my needs throughout the process and helped me mentally and physically.  Both of them and you spent a long time talking to me and working through my questions and concerns.

I can never thank you enough and wish all of you a wonderful, well-deserved holiday season.


Richard E.

Hollywood, FL