To Dr. Leone’s Team and Patients,

It had been almost 7 years since I was injured in a motorcycle accident during which I broke my pelvis.

I have had to put up with a lot of pain and limitations since then.

I’ve seen several orthopedic doctors and none were positive about getting this fixed through surgery until I met Dr. Leone!

Immediately, his confidence in his ability to help me to regain movement and to be pain free with a total hip replacement put me at ease!

We scheduled the surgery and Dr. Leone’s team was very helpful and gave me all the information I wanted, but nothing can really prepare you for what really happens.

I have to tell you:

Day 1: When I woke up from the surgery and regained feeling in my legs, a physical therapist came and had me stand up!  I couldn’t believe I was able to stand, but I did.  Then, he told me to stand on one leg, the one I just had surgery on, and I did!

In the afternoon, I took my walker to the occupational therapy room and learned how to get into and out of bed at home, and also in and out of the car.

Day 2: I did physical therapy in the morning and also in the afternoon, then went home!

I had physical therapy at home for 3 weeks.

Week 2: My stitches were removed and I started exercising in the pool. At that point, I was so excited and I was doing so much that I over did it a little bit in the pool and was sore for a couple of days.

Week 6: I went back to work part time, just to see if I would have any limitations, and I already was doing better than before the surgery.

Now it’s week 7, and I’m back to my normal life, plus starting to do more of the things that I couldn’t do for the last 7 years: walking, dancing, and wearing high heels! So much catch up!

I did it all with NO PAIN KILLERS (Narcotics) and never had pain level higher than a 2-3 (after exercising)!

My family is amazed at how fast I healed and how well I’m doing.

If I knew how well this whole surgery and recuperation would be, I probably would have it done sooner!

Thank You Dr. Leone, staff and Holy Cross Hospital!

Thank God! May He continue to bless you and through your gentle hands continue to bless others with a healing touch!

God Bless

Patricia Wiley