Dear Dr. Leone,

I am writing this letter approximately nine weeks after hip replacement surgery which you did at Holy Cross Hospital in March 2010. I feel terrific and I’m astounded by the results. Before surgery, I was in constant pain, unable to follow my normal daily routine, unable to sleep and miserable! Today, I am back in the gym, working full-time at my law practice and living pain-free.

I also want to compliment your staff. I could not have received better care from a group of people more interested in the patient’s well-being. Recall about 10 days following surgery, a home health nurse thought there might be a problem. On Friday afternoon I called your office. You and your staff waited for me to drive up from South Miami so you could evaluate me. Fortunately, my hip was just fine. I cannot imagine that there are many other health care providers who would have been willing to do that. Every time I called your office with a question, I was treated courteously and made to feel that my question mattered. I was always given a prompt answer.

I am more than happy with the experience. When the time comes for the right hip to be replaced, I will not have to make any effort in finding the right doctor to do it. Without question, I will come to you.

My thanks to you and your superb team, Susan, Barbara, Julie, Diana and the rest of your staff.


Mitchell R. Bloomberg