Dear Dr. Leone,

It’s a miracle that I am the way I am just 5 weeks after a full hip replacement. I am a very active and young 59-year-old lady who can now walk, exercise, work and have a full life again…free of pain!

Only 5 weeks ago, I was in excruciating pain all over my body.  My limp had gotten so bad over the last 6 months that my entire body hurt.  I took OTC and prescribed meds but nothing helped the pain that I was experiencing. When I would try and do any exercise or stretching, my pain only got worse. I had reached that point where I knew I had to do something.  I simply could not go on living like this with morning-to-night pain.  I was miserable!

I met Dr. Leone who evaluated me.  I felt so confident that I scheduled my surgery that very same day.  To me, Dr. Leone is the best surgeon in the world. He has made me all better.  I once again feel whole.  His staff and Susan are wonderful.  With the help of my therapist I am now walking fine without even a cane, just 5 weeks after surgery.

I am so grateful that you were put into my life.

Me being pain free is truly a miracle.

Forever Grateful,
Mary Yousko

Post Script: June 2012
Thanks to you, I’m now just 9 weeks since surgery and I’m doing great.  I am a walking miracle of your work.  If you’d ever like me to speak to another patient or “show off,” I’ll be happy to.  If I knew that I would have turned out like this, I would have done it a year ago when I started to go downhill.  

Mary Yousko