Nothing Too Bad On the Scans

April 12, 2015

I was experiencing consistent groin and hip pain, which at times even referred to my lower back, so I did the usual protocol and got X-Rays and MRIs. I thought I might have a hernia, or maybe badly pulled muscles. It had gotten to the point where I could not even sit for five minutes without significant pain…but the scans didn’t explain it. After six months of being told that the scans just “don’t look that bad,” I got a recommendation from a medical concierge to see Dr. Leone. Of course he did some X-Rays and pulled them up on his computer in the exam room. Once again, he said the scans don’t show much, but let me examine you. He listened carefully to my symptoms and then examined me. He said to me a simple sentence that I will never forget…”I don’t treat scans, I treat patients.” He said I know something is significantly wrong with your hips, I do have an idea from the scans, but if your life is so significantly impacted, we need to act. Dr. Leone replaced both of my hips and I have NO pain. I went to dinner with my wife and friends and sat through dinner without any hint of discomfort. In addition to being a gifted surgeon, Dr. Leone has a very caring and warm bedside manner. He is always available if you need him! Dr. Leone quite simply changed my life.

Thanks for your incredible care!


Marty Pechter