Once upon a time, there was a middle aged woman who suffered with knee pain. She saw her orthopedist who prescribed medications, which did help for a while. He then prescribed shots, which also helped for a while. After several years, the pain became so disabling that it limited her ability to be active, even with simple activities of daily life. That’s when she decided to really consider surgery.

She asked around and the name that she heard the most was Dr. William Leone.

She met with Dr. Leone who evaluated her knees and recommended double knee replacement surgery. This was done on October 12, 2009. After surgery she had physical therapy and then aquatic therapy. The aquatic therapy has really been superb. It’s now one year since surgery and she has continued to exercise in an aquatic program on a regular basis, something she never did and couldn’t do before her surgery. She feels like “she has her life back.” She’s even planning a dream vacation to China with her son, who encouraged her throughout the process.

Thank you Dr. Leone for your surgical expertise and your physical therapy encouragement. I would not be able to do the things I’m now doing without you.


Marsha Lamberg