May these words express my thanks to you, Dr. Leone, and your team for giving me back my life. I am 49 years old and have a family with 4 beautiful children. For more than five years I had lost the ability to move freely and share with them basic activities like hiking, visits to malls, beaches and  outdoor games.

For more than five years I saw reduced mobility with even short walks of no more than a mile. I would feel intense pain in my hips and I could no longer enjoy the moment.

My family recently visited the Disney Parks and I had to rent a wheelchair. This really made me feel sad.

After surgery on April 17, 2013, I was able to walk the next day with my walker, a week with my cane and 30 days without the aid of a cane. Today, 60 days after my operation, I do a speed walking everyday. I can enjoy my family and long walks without pain.

Every time I get a place to walk I take the opportunity and I do;  my friends tell me I look like a child when they first arrive at a park to run.

I was sitting in that chair where you are now, with the same concern as you have now, but the desire to live fully and to share with my family were much greater than any fear. No matter what religion you profess to trust your God, the will in the expert hands of Dr. Leone and his team are the tools necessary for you to feel healthy again.

Thank you Dr. Leone Team!!!!
Mario Capone