August 24, 2010

Dear Dr. Leone:

I am writing this memoir to you on this day and date with great appreciation and gratitude for giving me this miraculous reason to celebrate life.

Two years ago today, I placed my trust in your hands and underwent my first total hip replacement on the right hip, with great success. Two months later under your watchful eye and skillful procedures, you were able to perform a total hip replacement on my right hip. Both of these procedures were necessary to alleviate the pain and anxiety I had been experiencing from osteoarthritis.

Mission Accomplished. I was now able to begin a new life with two evenly placed hips and a new appetite (both physically and mentally) for life. Although, it may sound like peaches and cream, the reality of the recuperation was challenging. Constant and vigilant therapy, recuperative pain management, education on proper exercises and movements along with continuous communication with Dr. Leone and his team after both surgeries helped me overcome my fears and apprehension of the rehabilitation process necessary to strengthen my body the correct way. I followed the instructions Dr. Leone gave me and lo and behold, I was able to walk again with ease. I am still careful and abide by the safe precautions I learned and will take these with me indefinitely.

Dr. Leone, your expertise and wonderful team of doctors, physician assistants, nurses, therapists, trainers and coordinators made my recovery possible. The care, pristine surroundings, state of the art techniques, guidance, instructions and management of my care pre- and post-operatively were superb.

At 57 years of age, I am a woman who never would have thought she would be walking around with two new hips. I come from a medical background and as a child I watched my late father, a renowned orthopedic surgeon, perform the surgeries Dr. Leone does and always admired his compassion and dedication to his patients and profession, not to mention his love for his family. I do believe my father’s spirit was with me when I decided to choose Dr. William Leone to be my doctor. Dr. Leone’s qualifications and reputation convinced me that I would be having the top expert in this field at his state of the art medical facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am so happy I made the decision.

To this day Dr. Leone conducts his world class practice with great professionalism and pride and always makes time for me whenever I need appointments, check ups or even questions regarding other medical topics.

Again, thank you, Dr. Leone. I am one of your biggest fans. P.S. I would be happy to speak to any of your patients and tell them about my great results.