To Current and Future Patients of Dr. William Leone:

I am an active 61 year old female who had a total hip replacement in May, 2014. In May, 2013, I felt a sharp pain in the right side of my lower back while traveling on a plane. The pain appeared out of nowhere and became progressively worse. It radiating from my lower back to my hip and down to the lower part of my leg. Initially I visited a chiropractor who manipulated that area, but only obtained minimal relieve. I then visited an orthopedic specialist who diagnosed me with bursitis and gave me a cortisone injection. Again, only minimal relieve ensued. As the year progressed, the pain became excruciating. I was referred to physical therapy where I obtained absolutely no relieve. At this point (early October) I visited a reputable orthopedic surgeon who informed me that he could see nothing wrong with my hip and that I did not need a hip replacement. The pain was unbearable. I visited yet another set of orthopedic specialists who administered another injection and proposed pain management. In November another highly regarded orthopedic surgeon suggested a hip replacement using a method I was not comfortable with. At this point I was very confused. By January, I started getting acupuncture. This treatment actually provided some pain relief, but after a while each treatment lasted less time. By March, 2014, I started getting very deep tissue massages (also known as Rolfing) in addition to acupuncture. Rolfing helped for a while, but before long the pain was too much to bare.

In April, 2014, someone happened to mention that the Orthopedic Institute in Holy Cross had the absolute best orthopedic surgeon in the State of Florida. As I did my research, I was convinced that I had to meet Dr. Leone.

From the moment I contacted the office for an appointment I was treated with care and compassion. Upon comparing x-rays taken only six months earlier, Dr. Leone saw that the disease in my hip had progressed to the point where the only remedy was a total hip replacement. He thoroughly explained the method he uses and why he uses it. This was unlike the other visits I had with other surgeons who assumed that I was not intelligent enough to understand the procedure and the risks. He asked me to take my time to make the decision, but I scheduled surgery during that same visit. Because I thought I was too young for this invasive surgery, I was apprehensive about this option. However, I knew that it was the only alternative that might help me regain my former lifestyle.

On the day of surgery, I was again comforted and reassured by Dr. Leone that all would turn out well. The nursing staff at Holy Cross Hospital took wonderful care of me and the next day after the surgery I knew that the hip pain that had incapacitated me was no longer there. Two days later I was home. I made sure that I was compliant with my physical therapy. Compliance is crucial for full recovery. In no time at all I had recovered, the incision had healed and I was completely pain free. I have regained my life. I exercise, dance, travel and do all the things that a healthy, active 61 year old woman does.

I just had my one-year check up with Dr. Leone today. He couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my surgery. I feel blessed to have had him take care of me. His experience, expertise, compassion and excellent bedside manner truly set him apart from his peers.

I would recommend Dr. Leone to any person who needs a hip or knee replacement and, if ever I need another replacement, he will be the person I put my trust in.


M. Arroyo Parkland, Florida