I tried everything I could think of to avoid knee replacement—exercise, injections, even arthroscopy. Nothing stopped the knee pain that was keeping me from canoeing, biking and diving–activities that I enjoy. I scoured the area for a doctor with whom I felt comfortable. When I found Dr. Leone, I agreed to go ahead with a right knee replacement. The surgery took place on November 2, 2009.

I was walking and exercising the next day with a therapist. There was some pain, but nothing I couldn’t handle with the prescribed medication. The fact that Dr. Leone used a running stitch rather than staples to close the surgical incision helped a lot. My hospital roommate told me that she sure wished her doctor hadn’t used staples because I seemed to be able to move so much better than she and I seemed to have so much less pain.

Three days after surgery I went home and started outpatient therapy. My physical therapists said that I was able to perform exercises weeks faster than their other total knee replacement patients. Five and one-half weeks later I was riding my bike again—short jaunts at first but up to three miles a day by week six!

When I went back for my post-operative visit with Dr. Leone six weeks after the surgery, he told me that he was very proud of my progress. The x-rays taken that day showed absolute perfection. My bones with the new parts appeared perfectly aligned so it was it no wonder that I was able to mend so quickly and perform so well. I was able to extend my leg to 180 degrees with no effort, and he measured my flexion at 110 degrees. He gave me permission to discontinue PT and to continue exercising on my own.

I continued to exercise at home every day. Everybody was amazed by my progress. I walked without any limp and with no pain. Once again I could do the things I love; canoe, bike and dive, just two months after my surgery.

When my left knee began to exhibit the same symptoms, I had no qualms whatsoever about asking Dr. Leone to do another total knee replacement. This second surgery was performed on March 24, 2010. This knee hasn’t been exactly the same as the first, and I’m told that every surgery is different even though the same procedure is used. The results have been equally astonishing—again I began outpatient PT less than a week after surgery and again I was able to ride my bike by week six. The x-rays again show perfect alignment and healing.

I recommend Dr. Leone to anybody who is having a knee replacement. He is the kindest and most caring individual I have ever known. He is also incredibly talented and plans his work carefully so that each surgical procedure is absolutely precise in every way. He works together with his knowledgeable and personable staff to help patients understand exactly what he is going to do, how he is going to do it, and what the results will be.