Dear Dr. Leone,

My new hip is officially one year old today and I just want you to know that, although the one God gave me would always be my first choice, the one YOU gave me is almost as good. It is hard to believe that one year ago I was in the hospital thinking…“What have I done????” “Was the pain really that bad?” Well, the answer was “Yes”….the pain was bad and the worst part is that I was being forced to seek alternative activities to avoid pain. I was definitely not happy limping through life.

Today I am happy to say I can do almost everything that I want without pain. There are no excuses for NOT exercising or working in the yard and I am very grateful. While I am very pleased with the outcome of the surgery and the wide range of physical activity that I now enjoy, the best part of the entire process was knowing that I was in the very capable hands of you and your staff.

Of course, I had heard the glowing reviews of your handiwork from many happy patients before my husband’s hip replacement surgery in 2006. We were both overwhelmed with your personal attention and manner during his experience. Facing my own surgery was certainly a major event in my life, but I could not have felt more comfortable and confident that I was in the right hands—God’s and yours.

My subsequent visits seeing Barbara for the stitch removal and Susan Simonton, your P.A., have been no less than perfect. I was really impressed that Susan actually gave me her cell phone number in case I had any issues and needed to contact her at any time. Now THAT is customer/patient service! You can be sure that when I speak to anyone with hip or knee problems, YOU are the one I recommend!

Thank you for being a wonderful example of what medical care should provide….and I LOVE your new office! See you in two years…

Very gratefully….Leslie Horenburger