In the summer of 2006, I came to Dr. Leone in a panic because my daughter Kimberly was going to need a second hip replacement on the same right hip she had replaced three years earlier by another physician. The hip was loosening and would become an emergency if an operation wasn’t done soon. It was such a stressful time for our family.

It is not easy finding doctors who do revisions so I was extremely lucky to find Dr. Leone and get an appointment. I remember that I was able to see Dr. Leone quickly due to a cancellation. Because my husband was out of town, I asked a friend to go with us to that first meeting with Dr. Leone. I wanted to make sure that I understood everything that was said and that I got all my questions answered. Immediately I was impressed that Dr. Leone talked calmly to Kimberly in a reassuring way, introducing himself to her and asking her questions. Right then and there I knew we had the right doctor.

Kimberly is a young adult with Down syndrome and often doctors ask me, her mother, the questions and don’t talk that much to Kim. I knew she was nervous and Dr. Leone put us both at ease taking a lot of time explaining the operation and answering all of our questions. I was very impressed about how honest and forthright he was. He did not sugar-coat his answers. He told us of his back-up plans and what could be done if complications arose during the surgery. I had never had a doctor be so thorough with his explanation to us and I really appreciated it. It gave us so much confidence when we were so scared. We were all impressed with Dr. Leone; not only as a skilled physician, but as a doctor who could relate to his patients.

The operation and recovery went well in October 2006 and hallelujah, things are still great! Kim is walking without pain 10,000 steps every day and has lost 52 pounds. Dr. Leone has continued to be a supportive and outstanding physician in every way.

Thank you so much Dr. Leone for all you have done for our family. You know things are going well when your daughter says, “I love my life.”

Gail, Gary and Kimberly Marino
May 2010