I am a 56-year-old male who was in an auto accident at 18 years of age & have had two total right hip replacements, one in 1975 & the second in 1993. In early 2011, I began experiencing hip and groin pain which progressively worsened. I had been on crutches for four months when I saw Dr. Leone the first week of Jan. 2012. He patiently sat with me & discussed the hip revision I would need. I felt so comfortable & confident with him, that I asked him to schedule the surgery as soon as possible & I cancelled the two appointments I had with other doctors.

My surgery was on Jan 16,2012 at Holy Cross Hospital. After a 5-day hospital stay, I went home & began physical therapy.

I strengthened my leg with exercises & swimming. After 3 months of no weight bearing in order for the hip to heal, I started walking with a cane in April. As I write this in July 2012, I am walking without a cane or crutches, pain free! I am so grateful to Dr. Leone, Sue & and all the staff at his office who could not be nicer & more professional.

As I told him at my last visit, thank you for giving me my life back !


Joseph Sacco