Dr. William Leone,

I’ve been suffering for many years with pain in both of my knees; so much pain that I had difficulty simply walking. My knees were literally “bone to bone.” They were totally worn out with no remaining cartilage separating the bones. So what was the solution? For a long time I took glucosamine on a daily basis, believing and hoping that what the label said was true, that it would rebuild cartilage. I felt like the Glucosamine had become my crutch. With it I was in pain, without it I was worse. As the condition of my knees became worse, the glucosamine seemed to help less and less until it seemed no longer to be helping. Also it became very expensive. I also had Cortisone shots, but that was only temporary. I started to walk bow legged and I looked much older than I really was. I felt depressed and disenchanted. I would look back at my younger days when I was able to dance, run and yes, walk without pain. And so here I’m thinking, “wow, those were the happy days.”

After I met Dr. William Leone, “happy days are here again at the Leone Center!”

When I first met Dr. Leone, I knew from the beginning that he would be the Doctor that I would trust to help me re-build a normal life and bring back my happiness. Dr. Leone is the kind of person who looks right into your eyes and soul. He is honest and sincere, trustworthy and personable. I remember Dr. Leone’s words when he was reassuring me about the many individuals at Holy Cross Hospital who would be involved in my care. He told me “there are so many good souls.” He was right. Everyone who I came in contact with at Holy Cross Hospital was caring and so nice. It was really a “holy experience.”

The surgery? I had both of my knees replaced on the same day. My surgery was exceptionally well done. Dr. Leone is the epitome of the word gentleman. Furthermore, he is one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the USA, and around the world – Google him and find out for yourself. People come from across the oceans to get under his wings. I came from the Dominican Republic. Now I am able to walk, dance, run, and swim without pain.

Thank you so much Dr. Leone for giving me back a normal life. I again feel 100%. Thank you for your expertise, for your kindness and for your friendship. I feel like Dr. Leone is my friend who took great care of me!

May God bless you and give you many, many more years so that you can keep being the humanitarian soul you are.


Jose M Rivas