Thorough Research Leads Fort Lauderdale Man to The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care

John Donovan had been a recreational runner for over 40 years before beginning to experience chronic hip pain.

He stopped running and switched to alternative workout options like swimming and the elliptical. To keep the pain in his hip at bay, John progressively modified his regular workout program and took over-the- counter pain meds plus glucosamine with chondroitin. “The pain would never completely go away. My hip would lock when I tried to get up,” said John. “It was embarrassing and painful. When pain prevented me from sleeping through the night, I knew something had to be done.”

John began researching surgeons and the types of implements used to replace hips. As a retired FBI agent and investigative consultant, he was used to digging up details and extensive background information on people and procedures.

John recalls a friend recommended that he make an appointment to be evaluated by William Leone, MD of The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care at Holy Cross Hospital. Before he knew it, other friends from church, his gym and even a physician friend also were recommending that he see Dr. Leone.

“I met Dr. Leone and was immediately impressed,” said John.

Dr. Leone diagnosed degenerative osteoarthritis of the left hip and recommended a hip replacement. The surgery to replace John’s left hip was done August 2006. “I was so pleased with the result of my surgery and the care that I received that I began volunteering time at Holy Cross in the research department.”

“When symptoms in my right hip began and progressively worsened, I decided not to wait as long.” In September 2009, Dr. Leone replaced his right hip.

John feels that a big part of his quick recovery was swimming plus a strengthening program before both surgeries and the aquatics program Dr. Leone initiated after each surgery. “I think aquatic therapy is the best way to initiate rehabilitation. I then added the bike and elliptical.”

“I feel great and would absolutely recommend Dr. Leone and Holy Cross Hospital”

John Donovan