I would like to thank you and your incredible team for my successful recovery and result after my total hip replacement surgery…

I’m a Physician Assistant and have specialized in orthopedic surgery for nearly thirty years. Our practice moved to Holy Cross hospital in 2007. I met Dr. Leone in the OR and on the floors and quickly learned firsthand who was doing the majority of joint replacements and taking on the really difficult cases. Because I knew I was having problems with my hip and knee, I was even more interested in asking nurses and anesthesiologist who they would see for themselves or their families. Just as importantly, I had an opportunity to observe how Dr.Leone handled himself and how he communicated with his patients. I was trained in the military and I’ve been very fortunate to work with many great doctors over the years. A major part of my day is assisting during surgery and as a professional I know how critical it is who the individual is who is doing the surgery. There is a reason one doctors’ patients do so much better than another. This was personal. I needed to find the right doctor to take care of me. I also felt fortunate that I was now working at Holy Cross which has developed a national reputation for its hip and knee reconstructive program.

In my younger years I was real athletic and played all sorts of sports. I injured my left knee and just lived with it for years. I call it my “bad” knee. I had a knee arthroscopic surgery in 1987. That helped for a while but slowly my knee became more deformed and painful. Life is busy and like most people I didn’t complain and kept on working. I would wear a brace but still the knee would occasionally give way and it hurt. It became harder to stand at the operating table.

Then, in about 2007 my right hip suddenly became painful. Even more disabling than the left knee. I had groin pain, it hurt to bend and I had progressively less and less motion. Simply putting on my own shoe became a struggle. I was unable to exercise. I was limping so much that my patients and other staff would question me. Unfortunately, I knew all the symptoms I was having were coming from the hip and knee joint. I had X-rays taken of both my hip and my knee and the joint spaces of both looked destroyed. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to know too much. I also knew that the only real solution would be a total hip and a total knee.

I saw Dr. Leone for the first time as a patient in October 2007. I was impressed with his thoroughness and professionalism. He made sure he really understood my hip and knee situation, but also issues with my back and health in general. I had already decided that I wanted Dr. Leone to do my surgery but having met with him in his office I was sure.

I first had my right hip replaced in January 2008. I recovered very quickly and returned to my duties as a physician assistant, including assisting in the OR after only three weeks. I found working out in the pool very beneficial. Being a patient in the hospital in which you work can be uncomfortable. I cannot say enough good things about how I was treated. That good care continued after I went home.

I waited until October 2008 to have my left knee replaced. It’s been my impression over the years that total knee patients have more pain and a more difficult recovery than total hip patients. Once again, I was wonderfully pleased with how quickly I recovered and how beautifully my incisions healed. The recovery was very similar to the recovery after my hip replacement. I again was able to resume my responsibilities as a physician assistant within three weeks, although I continued with physical therapy for longer. As a professional and as a patient, I cannot recommend Dr. Leone or Holy Cross Hospital any stronger.