My life has completely changed since Dr. William Leone replaced my right hip just one year ago. I was miserable and frustrated before surgery. I’ve had a life long problem keeping my weight down. I had what I call the “Yo-yo Syndrome.” I tried every “fad” diet but then gained the weight right back.

My hip had become so arthritic I couldn’t bend to put on my own socks or get up from the floor, and I was limping terribly. I had been advised by other doctors I would need a hip replacement but the surgery was too difficult and dangerous because of my weight. And that I should first lose weight. Dr. Leone also advised me to have a hip replacement. I told him I was stuck because I knew I needed the surgery but because I was now so handicapped and inactive with my hip, I couldn’t lose the weight.

After surgery he encouraged exercising in the swimming pool. I recall after my first post-operative visit that he told me this was “my chance” and that I needed to continue to diet and exercise. That was six weeks after my surgery and I was doing great. I really followed his advice. I weighed 250 before surgery and I’m now 190. My goal is to lose another 20 lbs.

Now, I feel great. I can again take a tub bath and the best part is being able to play with my grandkids on the floor. I cannot express my gratitude enough. He cares and spent time with me after my surgery. The advice he gave was real and it stuck. Dr. Leone and his staff have been fabulous. I cannot recommend him and his team more strongly.


Janis Henning