Dear Dr Leone,

I would like to take the time to thank you first and foremost for changing my life! I am a 49-year-old female who had been suffering with progressive knee pain for over ten years. The orthopedist I had been seeing for approximately seven years kept telling me I was too young to have this surgery, and I should wait until I could not stand the pain anymore. I suppose that day came, and I scheduled a consultation with you. I really didn’t think that I was actually going to schedule the surgery, but wanted to hear what you had to say. You had operated on several people that I knew, and they were very happy with their outcomes. I was immediately reassured by your manner, your thoroughness and your confidence that this is what I needed to do. As a result, I scheduled bilateral knee replacement surgery for 6 weeks later, shocking myself and my husband!! I was that sure that you were the man for the job and that I was ready for this.

I followed your instructions to the letter, doing all the pre-op testing, exercising, etc., so when the day came, I would be totally ready. The surgery went well, and I stayed in the hospital for three days, and then rehab for nine more days. You had told me that I would be walking unaided by two weeks. That did not happen… I actually was walking unaided in one week!!! The therapists have never seen a more miraculous recovery!!! It has now been three months and I have not felt this good in over ten years. I am riding a bicycle five miles, walking without pain, sitting without pain, sleeping without pain and standing without pain. I actually forget that these were things that always gave me a lot of trouble.

You, Dr. Leone, gave me my life back. I am actually going to visit my daughter in Europe next week and we are going to do a bicycle tour of Amsterdam. I walk normally for the first time in many, many years. I can never thank you enough for all that you have given me. My only regret is that I did not have the surgery sooner. If anyone would like to talk to me about the surgery, I would be my pleasure. All the best,

Jana Feldman,
May 2011

Dear Dr. Leone, I just wanted to add a little postscript to my prior email. I just got back from ten days visiting my daughter in Europe. I probably walked 8 hours/day without any pain. I was able to climb steps, pull luggage through the airport, stand in line for an hour, etc. It is absolutely incredible. Thanks again for changing my life!

June 2011