I’ve been blessed with a strong work ethic and a wonderful family. I recall as my son was growing up, he once “accused me” of working too much. He was probably right. I was driven to be THE BEST. Because I’ve always strived to be the best, I’ve always sought out THE BEST.

When I began to experience difficulty walking and pain in my hip, I sought out all sorts of opinions and options about how to treat it. I was told by doctors in Ft. Lauderdale as well as St. Louis that I needed a hip replacement. I met at least 4 or 5 people who had had a hip replacement who discouraged me because they were still struggling. Then I ran into an old friend who had had both of his hips replaced by Dr. William Leone. Subsequently, this Dr. Leone’s name kept coming up and uniformly he was praised and uniformly his patients did well. I had already decided to have Dr. Leone replace my hip even before meeting him. After I met him I was even more confident of my decision. I’m only sorry I wasted a year and a half before I learned of Dr. Leone and got my hip replaced.

Some friends and neighbors were surprised that I would go to a doctor that did not participate in Medicare and hence I would have to pay a fee. The fee was just for his service. All the other fees associated with my surgery were covered by Medicare insurance and my supplement. My answer was simple; I wanted to go to THE BEST. And I did.

I’m just three months after surgery and I feel great. Actually, I don’t feel anything associated with the replaced hip. To me there is nothing more precious than my health. I think as one gets older, this becomes even more of a priority.

I have recommended Dr. Leone to family and friends with the full confidence that they will be getting THE BEST. His office staff and the arrangements he’s made with Holy Cross are also superb.