For twenty years or more I have had pain in my left knee and was told that I would need a knee replacement one day. I always enjoyed being physically active, including tennis, swimming and going to the gym. With time I became aware of increased pain and difficulty in performing some everyday functions such as climbing stairs and getting up from the dinner table and being able to immediately walk away. The changes were subtle and you just make adjustments. Suddenly, in late 2008, after I had retired from the practice of law, I had two instances of sharp pain in the knee and needed a crutch and then a cane to walk. The acute episodes improved to the point where I could again walk without pain but the writing was on the wall. I realized that there would be progressive deterioration and activity-limiting discomfort.

A friend of mine had both of his knees replaced by Dr. Leone and sang his praises. In addition, a surgeon friend recommended him. We met in December 2008. After some time understanding my history and examining me, he reviewed my X-rays with me. I could see why my knee hurt so badly. The X-rays showed that the normal spaces between the bones had eroded and the bones were now touching. He diagnosed degenerative osteoarthritis and recommended a total knee replacement.

In February 2009, Dr. Leone replaced my left knee. I was pleased with the care at Holy Cross Hospital. Dr. Leone’s team was great.

I recently saw Dr. Leone for my one-year checkup. I forget that I even had surgery, the knee feels so comfortable. The scar is minimal. I can easily walk 4 or 5 miles without discomfort. I ride my bike, swim and work out at the gym for exercise—-and there is no pain. I could not be more pleased.