Dear Dr. Leone,

Don’t know if this is the first time you’ve heard from a patient’s spouse, but since I saw Barbara’s experience from start to end without the impediment of anesthesia, I feel more competent to write.

Putting off her needed hip replacement for two years left Barb in a lot of pain and, when she finally found a doctor she felt comfortable with (you), time really was important. We both hoped for the best, but what we got from you and your staff was better than our highest expectations.

First, the operation was scheduled for an early date. Second, we’ve never seen such complete cooperation and information supplied by your personal assistants who are a pleasure. But, the day of the operation was the happiest surprise of all.

As instructed, we arrived early, and were met by hospital staff augmented by your former patients who told us their stories that sounded more like miracles! You had said Barb would be prepped and ready for the OR by 7:00 AM with surgery to start about 7:30 and take about an hour.

At 8:25AM, you met me downstairs to tell me how well everything went. When Barbara awoke in her room not long after that, I found out what you meant, for even at the early hour, she was a very happy camper. Admitting to some post op pain, she still smiled and told me it’s a whole different kind of pain.

She was on her feet and ready to go much sooner than I ever expected and now, a year later, she’s your biggest fan!

We both thank you.

David Rosen
July 20, 2010