I am a grateful patient. My hope is that my experience will assist others. I am a male, 52 years old and of Portuguese descent. In 2003 I was diagnosed with arthritis affecting my back and hips. Within a month, I went from working full time in a busy restaurant kitchen to a walker. I was in so much pain.

I remember the day that Dr. Leone operated on me. It was a Monday, Martin Luther King Day. I was home on Friday the same week. I had minimal discomfort that did not last. By the following Friday, I was comfortably riding my bike. The bike seemed more comfortable than walking because of the smooth rolling motion of the pedals. Dr. Leone fixed my other hip three months later that was St. Patrick’s Day, with the same gratifying results.

It’s now six years since my surgery. I saw Dr. Leone recently because I had developed sudden pain in the buttock after a lot of standing. I learned that my hips were functioning perfectly and the problem was coming from my back. As a chef I’m constantly on my feet, bending and lifting. For the last six years I have been able to work up to fourteen-hour shifts. I’m still in the restaurant business and have now expanded to catering.

Beaches, bikes, steps, stairs, long walks and being able to take care of myself continue to be normal for me as it may be for you.

I cannot express more deeply the appreciation I feel for Dr. Leone and his staff for giving me these six painless and mobile years, so far.

With Gratitude,