As I reflect over the past 10 years, my wife and I have concluded that you not only saved our future but also our lives.

I recall so well the first day I walked into your office. I was scared and apprehensive. I had been told that I needed a hip replacement. I feared that my police career, which had been happy and active, would prematurely be over and with it, my future. I was tense. My police instincts were activated and I knew our meeting was destiny. You reassured me that although I did need a hip replacement, that the situation was not “grave” and that I would do well.

In April of 2001 you replaced my right hip. I followed your guidance and did the prescribed exercises without fail. I was amazed that it was just nine days from the date of my surgery to the completion of supervised rehabilitation. I was back to work in just 30 days and “declared fit for combat” after 90 days. My commanders were amazed.

You saved my career and future. I would later retire with full pension after serving 26 years with the Police Department and begin to enjoy the fruits of retired life. In my case, it was to fulfill a life-long dream.

With my wife’s blessing I returned to college and completed a culinary degree as a French Chef with Le Cordon Bleu certification. I’m proud to say I graduated at the top of my class, Summa Cum Laude. Several months after graduation, my left hip began to act like the right one prior to my hip replacement. I was not about to wait as long for the second one. I was without pain almost immediately after surgery. Once again you and your staff guided me through rehabilitation.

I returned to full-time chef duties in just 3 ½ weeks. Many days I’m on my feet a full 10-12 hours since surgery. I play golf. I go to the gym 3 times a week and walk 2 miles every day for exercise. When I tell people that both of my hips have been replaced, they don’t believe me. Then I show them my X-ray of Bionic Man Chef David from the waist down.

To anyone who is looking for peace of mind before surgery; constant support and encouragement before and after surgery; and a professional ability secondary to none, then Dr. William Leone is your physician.