Dear Dr. Leone,

I am writing this letter to let anyone who walks into your office know that they have walked into “the best.”

Dr. Leone is one of the gentlest, kindest, and most caring, professional doctors I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He and all of his staff are just wonderful. Whenever you call the office, nothing is too much trouble for them.

I suffered with knee problems for many years. For years I took the anti-inflammatory medicines and eventually progressed to the shots. I reached a point where the injections were no longer helping me. I researched my options.

I met with two other orthopedic surgeons before I met with Dr Leone. Both doctors came highly recommended but there was just something that I couldn’t put my finger on, that wasn’t right for me.

My third surgeon was Dr. Leone. From the minute I walked into his office and met him, I knew I had found the doctor I was going to use. Dr. Leone has a reputation of being an excellent surgeon. He is also very personable and made me feel at ease. This is a rare quality in a surgeon.

I learned that both of my knees were bone on bone and that I would benefit from total knee replacement on both sides when I felt ready. Dr. Leone preformed a left total knee at Holy Cross Hospital in late January 2012. I made such a quick recovery that I had my right knee replaced five weeks later.

The care from Dr. Leone, his PA Susan, all of his staff and the staff at Holy Cross Hospital was superb. Everyone was very kind, considerate and extremely caring.

All the pain that I had before both surgeries is gone. I only wish that I had not put my surgeries off so long because I had progressively lost my quality of life.

I am writing this letter, first of all to thank Dr Leone and all of his wonderful staff, but also to reassure anyone who is reading this. Please, put your mind to rest, you have found the best surgeon for the job and I recommended Dr. Leone to anyone and everyone.

Cathie Phillips
December 11, 2012