When I first met Dr. Leone in April 2009, I felt like “I didn’t have a leg to stand on.” My left hip was hurting terribly and my right hip, which had already been replaced, was dislocating. I had heard about Dr. Leone from friends and traveled many miles to see him.

I had undergone right THR in Rhode Island in November 1999. Unfortunately, that hip would periodically dislocate. This is so scary, painful and disabling. I had learned to always be “careful”; between these episodes the hip didn’t hurt and I was good but “careful.” In February 2009 my hip again dislocated while on a cruise ship off Australia. I’m so grateful that the ball could be put back in on the ship but the experience was traumatic and I made up my mind then that I had to get it fixed because I was so scared it would happen again. My left hip had developed the same kind of symptoms that my right hip had developed before it was replaced. I had already been told that it too had developed arthritis and would need to be replaced. I was still trying to be active but the left hip was catching and awakening me from sleep and I was avoiding walking. I love to walk and play golf. I remember how aggravated my hip would feel getting in and out of the golf cart.

Dr. Leone helped me understand why my right hip kept dislocating and confirmed the arthritic destruction in the left and my need for a total hip replacement. He was very thorough and I never felt rushed or that I didn’t have time to ask all my questions. In spite of the pain I was feeling in the arthritic left one, he recommended that we first re-do the right. I agreed because I was so scared that my hip would again dislocate.

In June 2009 my right hip was re-done. He replaced the socket with a new one and replaced the ball on the existing hip stem with a much bigger one. I recovered quickly and the hip immediately felt stronger. I worked out in the pool nearly everyday and I believe that that was very important for my recovery. Dr. Leone replaced my left hip in January 2010. I’m just six weeks after this surgery. I got well even quicker. I gave up my cane after 2 weeks. The hip itself feels great. I’m back in the pool and walking for exercise.

I have regained my confidence and I feel good. I’m extremely pleased with the care Dr. Leone and his staff provided. Holy Cross is a great hospital.

Your grateful patient,

Carol Brenner