I want to thank you for what has turned out to be a life changing surgery for me. I spent a lot of time prior to my hip replacement trying to convince myself that the pain was not that bad, and that I really did not need a hip replacement yet. This was simply due to the fear of the unknown. You and your staff were patient and caring, answering all of my questions and concerns. This allowed me to proceed with confidence. Three months post-op, I am pain free and able to fully participate in activities with my two young children again. Last week I was able to volunteer in my daughter’s kindergarten class for the first time, without worrying if I could keep up, or would need to sit down to ease the pain. She was smiling all day. This summer I am planning a summer trip with my girls to the Grand Canyon. This would not have been possible three months ago. My only regret is that I did not have the bad hip replaced sooner and wasted too much time in pain and avoiding activities. So a big thanks to you and your wonderful staff for allowing me to enjoy my life again.