I began experiencing pain in my knee that was radiating towards my hip. This was reminiscent of pain I had several years prior. This pain was treated with a knee arthroscopic surgery. With that experience I suspected I had somehow re-injured my knee. I saw a physical therapist but therapy made it worse. Progressively the pain increased and I was loosing mobility. It reached a point where I could no longer bend to put on my own sock or cross my legs. I was scared because the limp was aggravating my back and neck. I’ve been a manager of Human Services with the US Postal Service for 30 years and I was finding it painful just to sit at my desk. Getting up was terrible and embarrassing. My last straw was feeling chronically tired because if I moved in my sleep pain would awaken me.

I had heard about Dr. Leone’ s reputation but when I met him I was immediately comfortable. I was also surprised and pleased he was so young. Somehow I had envisioned him to be a much older man because I’d met so many people he had cared for over the years. He diagnosed degenerative osteoarthritis of my hip and explained that the pain I was feeling in my knee was “referred” from my hip. He replaced my hip in January 2008. I was surprised and relieved at how quickly I got well. The best part is that all the pain went away, including in my knee. I was able to again return to my “walking” for exercise.

My story is not quite over. In January of 2010 Dr. Leone replaced my other hip. The same type of symptoms developed. This time I was not going to wait as long. I could not have been more please with the care.