I was being plagued with back, leg and hip pain for years and finally decided to see a “top notch” orthopedic sports doctor. Dr. William Leone examined my hip and took X-rays. I could see that the bones that make up my hip joint were rubbing together.

I’ve played top-level competitive tennis for many years. When my hip first started to hurt, the pain would go away after warm up. After play however, it would hurt worse. Two weeks before I met Dr. Leone, I won an important match. I was in so much pain afterward I could hardly walk. Tennis was out after this. I was limping and miserable.

Dr. Leone made me feel comfortable and confident. He treated me like a family member and really talked to me. He recommended a total hip replacement. He explained that tennis players are often at risk for hip arthritis because of the constant acceleration and deceleration during play. We discussed new technologies and even surgical instruments that Dr. Leone invented.

I had my hip replaced in June 2009. I was back on the courts in September feeling like a teenager. I didn’t take a single pain pill after leaving the hospital. I was dedicated to the rehabilitation Dr. Leone prescribed and I think that made a big difference.

Today I am free of pain. I can move and bend normally. I’ve been ranked in the top ten in the nation in various age groups for the past thirty years. Last month I won a 65 and over tournament in Pompano Beach and followed that with a win at Broken Sound Club in Boca Raton. I’ve been selected to play nationally on the East Coast of Florida Team.

I can’t thank Dr. Leone enough. I had given up tennis before I met him. I consider Dr. Leone to be “a wizard” in restoring health to an individual.