If you’re sitting in Dr. Leone’s waiting room reading this letter, then you are in the right place. Perhaps you’re thinking of seeking out more opinions but now that you’re here, it’s not necessary, as you have found the best surgeon and team in South Florida.

I hope my letter will especially inspire and encourage younger patients who are wondering, “How could this be? I’m only in my 50s, I eat healthy, take my vitamins and I exercise.” As time goes by, you will run into other hip replacement patients as I did who are even younger and you will realize that it’s not just a condition of aging. I like to tell myself that from being so active “I simply wore out my shock absorbers.”

Since my 20s, exercise and healthy eating have always been an important part of my life. I taught aerobic dance and yoga on cruise ships in my 30s and I now work in the Meeting and Event business, which entails a lot of walking around hotel meeting space and convention halls. Two years ago my associates noticed I was always limping after a few days at a meeting. My hip would hurt like crazy but as soon as I got home and rested it for a couple of days the pain would disappear. Eight months ago I joined a gym and resumed yoga only to have the intense stabbing pain in my hip prohibit me from many of the stances. I noticed that the pain was becoming more constant and now my back was hurting as well, it was even hard for me to walk my dogs and nighttime was the worst especially when I turned over in bed.

Last December 2009 I had had enough, too many pain killers followed by more pain so I sought out a diagnosis. My 1st and 2nd opinion doctors offered no comfort to my shock (and tears) when I was informed I needed a hip replacement. I was very afraid as to what to do next; “the unknown.” Then a good friend of mine referred me to the Leone Center where her father had a very successful hip replacement.

From my first phone call I knew everything was going to be all right as the entire set up was different with a support team that’s beyond comparison. My 1st consultation was well managed with no waiting. I was taken from room to room for x-rays and consultations and given such great attention, I felt very special. After consulting with Dr. Leone, who showed me the close up of my X-rays and gave me a detailed explanation of what I was looking at and how to fix the problem, total confidence replaced all my fears.

There are quite a few preparation steps that you will need to go through before the big day but not to worry—there’s so much kindness, patience, help and support given by the Dr. Leone team that getting it all accomplished is a breeze.

Lastly, I just want you to know that there is nothing to fear. Every single person that had anything to do with my surgery came and introduced him- or herself to me and gently explained their part in the prep and the operation. I felt such immense confidence, which is very important. I truly don’t remember a thing after the anesthetia and woke up with minimal pain. The Holy Cross Hospital is wonderful, and the therapists give you lots of encouragement to get moving. The food’s not bad and the volunteers are a great asset.

As I write this letter it has been 8 weeks since the operation and I do my exercises most days. Last week while on holiday, I swam 15 lengths of a rather large swimming pool every day for a week. This week I will join the Y to use their pool and stationary bikes.

Good luck! Stay positive and look forward to being pain free.

Beverley Abreu