Ben Frosch was always an active man, fitting a daily two-and-a-half mile walk and an occasional game of basketball into his busy work schedule. But that changed in 2007 when Ben, then 52 years old, was sidelined with excruciating pain in both of his hips.

“I felt a constant, radiating pain,” he said. “I was avoiding my daily walk and all sorts of activity. I was miserable.”

Doctors treated Ben with cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory medications, which temporarily eased the pain. He described feeling frustrated and that he was losing his quality of life. “I just didn’t want to live like this.”

A consultant to the health care industry, Ben has relationships with orthopedic surgeons across the country and began a comprehensive search for the surgeon and hospital that would best meet his needs and expectations. One of his appointments was with William Leone, MD, of The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care at Holy Cross Hospital. Dr. Leone diagnosed degenerative osteoarthritis in both hips and recommended total hip replacement. “I saw other top tier orthopedic surgeons as well. I even made an Excel spreadsheet listing their experience, complications and other factors to help me decide. What drove my decision were RESULTS.”

The surgery took place in August 2009, and Ben was in the hospital for three days.

“The care by Dr. Leone and his team and the environment at Holy Cross Hospital was superb,” said Ben. He chose to recover with professional physical therapy at home. “I stopped using my cane and was walking four blocks around my neighborhood just one week after my surgery. The recovery was unbelievable. With physical therapy and exercise, I just kept getting stronger and stronger.”

Ben was then able to get into his backyard swimming pool to begin aquatic therapy. He describes being able to swim again as “euphoric.”

“It was like Dr. Leone handed me my life back on a platter,” said Ben.

“I recently arranged for Dr. Leone to take care of my cousin who lives in Israel. He replaced one of her hips and she too is doing beautifully. We are both very grateful.”