Dear Dr. Leone, 

I am writing this letter is to express how appreciative and grateful I am to you.

Four years ago I had a right total knee replacement with another surgeon and for the last 4 years following the surgery, I suffered with terrible pain, swelling and heat in that knee. I met a woman in Physical Therapy who had the same surgery, but was doing SO much better. The difference between us was incredible. You were her surgeon and she was so happy with what you had done for her.

I presented to you with the right knee issues plus my left knee was also painful and unstable. My right knee was a ‘mess’! (my word), however, you agreed to do the revision surgery. You said, “Let’s get a good knee under you first. We can probably do a partial on the left.” We did and I recovered quickly and easily. Even my physical therapist was impressed.

Then on 4/10/13 you performed an involved revision surgery on my right knee. All 3 pieces had to be replaced. I am still recovering, but I have done so well. Beautifully! My physical therapist is amazed. He has seen me through 3 knee surgeries and remembers the agony I endured with the first one on this knee.

Dr. Leone, you are clearly a brilliant and skillful surgeon who manages to integrate those qualities with being a kind and compassionate human being who respects his patients. You take good care of your patients and you see to it that everyone else involved does so as well. From the minute I walked into your office for the first time, I knew this was going to be a totally different experience. And it was! No waiting for hours. You actually sat facing me, looked me in the eyes and listened to me. Every member of your staff is kind, considerate, efficient and respectful. They are outstanding! Susan, your Physician Assistant, is truly a wonder. She is knowledgeable, intelligent, kind and efficient. She took such good care of me.

I realize this letter is very positive with no criticism or complaint. Well, it’s all true! I am NOT by nature given to polite or obliging praise. So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Sincerely, Barbara A. Virgulak
June 6, 2013