Dear Dr. Leone,

At age 62 it is now a little over 10 months since I’ve been walking on my “new knees.” I would like to report that after attending one of your seminars at Holy Cross Hospital I went into this with full expectations that the surgery, recovery, and results would be favorable. Taking your advice, I chose to do my bi-lateral TKR in two separate operations three weeks apart. It may be
a little bit of an exaggeration, but one reason I waited 10 months to sit down and compose this letter of appreciation is because my eyes don’t tear up as often when I think about how fantastic it is to resume life with a normal stride and I didn’t have to worry about getting the keyboard wet with tears. I knew early on that each of the procedures was successful. I actually walked
unassisted into your office for each of the suture removals and Susan (almost)  had me going at a trot to the X-ray room once.

Prior to surgery, I read that it is a three way team effort between the doctor, the physical therapists and the patient that ensures a positive outcome. This may be very well true, but if the surgery isn’t almost 100%, the other two components would not be so important. I consider the excellence of your surgery the base, the foundation that provided the physical therapists and me
with a sound starting point.

I think it is worth mentioning that I live in a townhouse and when I was asked how many steps are there in the staircase, I would reply, “I don’t count the steps, I just cuss at them.” When I told your physician assistant, Susan Simonton, I was concerned about the stairs in my home she positively asserted, “that is not a problem, you will use those stairs in your exercise/rehab program.” That changed my outlook in a snap and from the beginning I incorporated those stairs into my exercise routine and continue to use the steps as exercise to strengthen and maintain my legs. I have ceased (for the most part) cussing at my staircase. Just last week I
actually ran up the first set of steps and stopped when I reached the landing: I had not planned to do that!!! After catching my breath, with a smile, I continued the run up to the 2nd floor.  For the most part, I now sprint up the steps more often then not.

I look forward to our 1st year follow up appointment and I’ll be eager to boast how well I hiked around in the Colorado Rockies.  And most important, I’ll be able to thank you and your staff in person for literally providing me with an opportunity to enjoy a rich and exuberant retirement lifestyle.

A.J. Weldon