My wife and I met Dr. Leone just several months ago. I’ve always been active and spiritual and believe that the body can do whatever my mind wills. I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis when I was just 15 years old. This is a genetic inflammatory arthropathy that leads to progressive stiffness and destruction of our joints, particularly the spine and hips. In the ’80s my cervical spine required that bone be removed so it could be re-straightened and then fused. With this disease, it’s critical to “keep moving.” I completed the New York marathon in 1998 and the Anchorage marathon in 2000. I’ve traveled as a Missionary, speaking on how Jesus has changed my life and that is how I met my wife, but this is a different story.

I was told by other patients who Dr. Leone took care of that “he was the man.” I had seen some other orthopedist and was told that I was “ready” for a total hip replacement. None of them were volunteering to do my surgery. Because my neck, back and hips were fused, it made things “trickier.” I felt complete confidence after meeting with Dr. Leone for the first time. I knew about his surgical skills, but he also had human skills.

I had my left hip replaced November ’09, and my right hip in January ’10. I was extremely pleased with my care in the hospital and after discharge. I was extremely pleased with the team of doctors who Dr. Leone arranged to see me during my stay at Holy Cross, from the anesthesiologist, the internist and physiotherapist. I was able to rehabilitate as an inpatient at Holy Cross and that was superb. The best part is that both hip surgeries are perfect. I’m in no pain. I’ve long since given up my cane and I feel good. My next goal is to run / walk next year’s New York marathon. I have no double that I’ll do it. Needless to say I’d refer my family or friends to Dr. Leone.

Dennis Moreanu