When I began this journey toward Total Hip Replacement on January 27, 2010 my feelings were mixed. Was my FEAR just an acronym of False Evidence Appearing Real or will it really be the Miracle?

Thanks to the Leone Team–Dr. William Leone, Susan Simonton, Barbara O’Brien, Diane Sayer and the wonderful staff in the office and also at Holy Cross Hospital–my surgery was unbelievably exciting because everyday brought so many changes and improvements. By the time I got home on Saturday afternoon (day 4) I was standing in my driveway (with a walker) having a conversation with two neighbors thinking, wow, no pain… just amazement!

And that was after 1 ½ hour car ride home to Palm City (no problem).
I saw and experienced all those little things that make the difference and you guys are the Total Package! I would obviously recommend you to everyone.
Thank You So Very Much! And yes…it was the Miracle!

Guy Dockerill