Actions Speak Louder Than Words! Three joint replacement patients share “look at me now” videos

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It’s one thing to read testimonials about how well people are doing post joint-replacement surgery, whether it’s simply being able to move again with ease or getting back to an active lifestyle that previously was cut short.

Please enjoy the videos submitted by three of my former patients, two had hip replacement surgery and one had partial knee replacement surgery.

Ludmilla had both hips replaced within three weeks of each other. After her  recovery, she had this to say, “Check out my video on YouTube, not bad for a 64-year-old who had a hip replacement eight months before and only five weeks after the tweaking to my right hip . . . I’m back!


Donna Sweeting shared her before and after videos and what a contrast! She writes, I am so very grateful to you for being true to your word and giving me my life back. Every day I understand more and more what that really means. I now take the stairs instead of elevators. I take the farthest parking spot from where I’m going. When someone needs something I try to be the first one to my feet to get it. These are things that I couldn’t do for many years, but now I can! And I am 100% pain free!”



After Ford Robinette’s partial knee replacement, he wrote, “I am astonished with the results! Five and a half weeks after surgery and I’m back on the tennis court. No pain, no problems. I only regret that I did not see you sooner!! You and your entire team are outstanding. I am thrilled with the results!”

As a surgeon who specializes in joint replacement, it is incredibly gratifying to give my patients back a true quality of life, from simple movement to enjoying the sports and activities that worn joints previously had prevented. For me, having patients tell me their new knees and hips feel like “real” joints and allow them to get back to their active lives is what it’s all about.